The 8th Joint Workshop between BUPT and Hanyang University Successfully Convened

The 8th JointWorkshop between BUPT and Hanyang University Successfully Convened

The 8th Joint Workshop between BUPT and HYUsuccessfully convened at Hanyang University from October 22 to October 25,2015. The workshop is jointly supported by 111 Base of Advanced Intelligenceand Network Service of China and South Korea Ministry of Education and HumanResource Development BK21 program.

This workshop is aimed at enhancing and promoting thecollaboration and exchange between China and South Korea in the area ofinformation and communication technology. It also provides the platform betweenBUPT and HYU for further exchange and collaboration. The workshop is co-chairedby HYU BK21 program principal investigator Prof. Jeagun Park and the VicePresident of BUPT and the director of 111 Base of Advanced Intelligence andNetwork Service Prof. Jun Guo. 11 professors and 22 graduate students from BUPTwent to South Korea and attended this workshop.

Combing the subject specialty of BUPT and HYU, the workshopfocuses on the research areas including Communications and Networks, DigitalContent, IT Systems and Software. Dr. Alex Junsung Choi, the CTO and Presidentof SKT, and Associate Prof. Zhanyu Ma, from BUPT made the keynote speechesentitled “5G Vision, Network Architecture and Service” and “Machine learningfor non-Gaussian data processing: theory and applications”, respectively. Bothof them are highly appreciated by professors and students in the workshop. Theworkshop accepted 44 academic papers. All papers were discussed by differentsessions.

During the workshop, Vice Present of BUPT Prof. Jun Guo met withthe Vice Present of The National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK) Prof.Oh-Kyong Kwon. Vice Present of HYU Prof. Whoi-Yul Kim met the members of BUPTdelegation. The faculty members and students were also invited to visit theLaboratories of HYU, and deeply discussed the further cooperation with HYUfaculties.

The collaboration between BUPT and HYU and also the friendshipbetween two university faculties and students are further deepened by thisworkshop.


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