Information Engineering


Students in This Major


       • Grasp the basic theory of information science and technology comprehensively.


       • Acquire extensive knowledge and varied capabilities about information technology.


       • Receive a wide range of specialized training on di erent categories of information engineering.



Program Requirements


    Besides mathematics, physics and English, main courses of this program are:


       • Electronic Circuit and System


       • Computer Science Fundamentals


       • Communication Principles


       • Information Theory


       • Digital Signal Processing


       • Information Processing and Coding


       • Information Network Fundamentals


       • Mobile Communication


       • Channel Coding Theory


       • WEB Searching


       • Data Acquisition Technology


       • Pattern Recognition



Career Opportunities


       • Research scholar in the field of information theory


       • Information system architect


       • Telecommunication network architect


       • System integration and software development engineer


       • Engineer of information system manufacture