Communication Engineering

Students in This Major


      • Grasp thebasic theory of advanced modern communications.


      • Acquireextensive knowledge about technologies of communication systems and networks.


      • Receive awide range of specialized training on different categories of communicationengineering.



Program Requirements


   Besides mathematics,physics and English, main courses of this program are:


      •Electronic Circuit and System


      • ComputerScience Fundamentals


      • Signaland System Analysis


      • DigitalSignal Processing


      •Communication Principles


      •Electromagnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Waves


      •Communication Network Fundamentals


      • ModernCommunication Technologies


      •Fiber-optic Communication


      • WirelessCommunication


      •Multimedia Communication



Career Opportunities


     • Researchscholar in communications theory


      •Communication system architect


      • Engineerof information system manufacture


      •Professional in network operation and management areas