LIU Yunjie

Dean of School of  Information and Communication Engineering Beijing University of Posts and  Telecommunications

Prof. LIU Yunjie is an  Academician member of China Engineering Academy,Director of the Science and  Technology Committee of China Unicom. He took aleading role in the design,  construction and operation of the national public datanetwork, computer  Internet and high-speed broadband, which have been animportant basis for the  construction of information society in China. He alsoplayed the leading role  in the design, construction and operation of China UniNet(A unified network  platform for multiple services), which provides a feasiblesolution for the  network convergence. It has been a successful practiceimplemented on a  large-scale in the evolution to the next generation network(NGN). He has  received a first grade National Prize for Progress in Science  &Technology, and twice received the first grade Ministerial Prize for  Progress inScience & Technology. He has obtained two national invention  patents, andpublished 59 papers and 7 academic books.

Academician LIU Yunjie  writes an inscription for the school brochures"The school of information  and communication engineering inBeijing University of Posts an  Telecommunications will upholdthe spirit of 'Unity, Diligentness, Strictness  and Innovation',build the first-class disciplines of information  communicationtechnology, constantly provide outstanding personnel for  thestate and society development, and explore the bright futureof the  information technology."

Norman C. Beaulieu

Norman  C. Beaulieu is an Academician of  Canada and an Academician of Italy, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada,  Fellow of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers),  Fellow of the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology), Fellow of the EIC  (Engineering Institute of Canada), Fellow of the CAE (Canadian Academy of  Engineering), NSERC E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellow, and Copernicus Visiting  Fellow (Italy).

Professor  Norman C. Beaulieu conducts research on communication theory and applications, including  channel modeling and estimation, simulation techniques, cooperative communication  networks, communication signal processing, and MIMO.  He has published  more than 300 IEEE journal papers, and more than 400 conference papers. Dr. Beaulieu  has applied for 17 US or Canadian patents, among which, 9 US patents and 1 Canadian patent have been issued.

Professor Beaulieu has received many international awards, some of which are:

1.  He was awarded the IEEE Edwin Howard Armstrong  Achievement Award for "For outstanding contributions to the analysis,  design, and modeling of wireless communication systems" in 2007.

2. He was awarded the 2014  IEEE Communication Theory Technical Committee Award “for fundamental work  on the analysis of fading channels and diversity systems.”  

3.  He was the inaugural recipient (2013) of the IEEE Signal Processing and Communications Electronics  Technical Recognition Award.

4. He received the IEEE Communications Society Radio  Communications Committee (RCC) 2011 Technical Recognition Award “for  contributions to radio communications research and practice.”  

5. He received the 2010 IEEE Canada R. A. Fessenden Silver Medal  “For outstanding contributions in wireless communications theory. 

6.  He was bestowed the J Gordin Kaplan Award for  Excellence in Research at the University of Alberta.

7.  He was given the Thomas W. Eadie Medal of the Royal  Society of Canada.

8.  He was awarded the Médaille K.Y. Lo Medal of the  Engineering Institute of Canada

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